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Welcome to the Festival of Japan

Our love of Japan has led me to experiences beyond our wildest dreams, travelling to Kyoto, meeting geisha and bringing them to the UK was the start of The Festival of Japan.

Our lives revolve around the Japanese culture and our aim is to let everyone know about this diverse and enigmatic country. This site is dedicated to just that. We provide everything from simple advice, geisha dressing sessions, Japanese hostesses and now weddings in Kyoto.

Below is our favourite memory of the last geisha visit in 2009/10.

We offer a variety of different services to help you experience the best of this wonderful country including:

Bespoke Tours of Kyoto, Japan's old capital.

Visit the city's temples, shrines and markets with Jill Clay. Enjoy trying the best of Japanese crafts firsthand. 10 day tours, perfect for those interested in Japanese arts,crafts and culture.

Easy going and thoroughly enjoyable. PLUS experience the geisha world along with Jill and Peter MacIntosh, renowned geisha expert.

Click here to learn more.

PLUS see us at a whole host of creative shows. Come along and we'll be happy to chat.

Exciting new services

We are expanding - We have introduced some great new services including: Traditional Weddings in Kyoto. A range of 3 different wedding plans.




Looking for wonderful craft ideas from Japan?

Have a look at Festival of Japan Extra Craft HERE and  download our current catalogue

After years of being asked, we have succumbed  and we have opened an Festival of Japan extra site to supply all of your arts and crafts needs. Kits galore, all designed to guide you through Japanese craft making. Also offerring kimonoand jackets, Japanese goods and more.




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